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Alchemical Healing Sessions

Experience deep release, healing and transformation with Alchemical Energy Healing. This Intuitive Energy Healing is a natural way of working with empowering and healing the body-mind-spirit. We have a physical body which we can see with our bare eyes. We also have a subtle body or energetic body, which holds information about who we are and what life experiences we carry. Everything we do is recorded in our physical body or our subtle body.

Some life experiences store up in our bodies as blockages and we may feel stuck or we have a physical manifestation of that blockage, such as an illness. Alchemical Energy Healing is a way to access the energetic or subtle body to safely and gently assist in true healing and transformation. We journey beneath the layers of the obvious issues to truly see what energies/blockages may be contributing to the inability to feel free and happy and we release or transform them here. This is a completely natural, non-invasive and profound way to clear disease, mental anguish including anxiety and depression and release the past.

 Alchemical healing is known for its deep and transformative sessions in which you are artfully engaged in your own healing process. Regardless of the depth of the problem or the difficulty of the challenge, Nicole finds tools in her vast medicine bag of techniques and processes that bring relief and provide opportunity for continued healing beyond the immediate session. Many people who receive Energy Healing report feeling a huge wight lifted, or lighter, freer, clearer, and more grounded.

Healing is by nature an alchemical process. With clear intention and resolve, we learn to use our adversarial situations to help us grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Sessions are $85 and can be in studio at Serenity Now Yoga, over the phone or skype, or I can come to you (with a travel fee of $10)... Generally sessions are 60 minutes in length. (If cost is a hardship, call to see if arrangements can be made.)

Please note: For cancellations 24 hours notice is required in order to avoid a $25.00 charge.  

Call to book your Intuitive Energy Healing session today 519.777.9400 or book an appointment now.

Healing Services

Nicole offers personal healing sessions that are truly transformative. She has experience and training in Reiki, Quantum Touch, Shamanic Healing and Alchemical Healing. Alchemical Healing is a healing art form that allows her to use all of the tools she has in her medicine bag. The tradition of Alchemy has roots in virtually every ancient culture on the planet.

Nicole is a certified Alchemical Healing practitioner and teacher.

Healing Circles and Share

A healing circle involves a group of people uniting with intention of healing...creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels free to share and heal one another as well as themselves. This is an opportunity to recieve and give. All are welcome. 

Every last Saturday of each month. 9:30-11am

Donations are appreciated

The Zoom link to connect to Healing Circle is: